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Silver Plate Epergne Centrepiece – A Guide

Pair Sheffield Silver Plate Epergnes Gilt Swan Dippers Cut Glass Plates Dish C_C_T Co-1418774205-zoom-68(Above – these look great with the intricate gilded swans)

At Canonbury Antiques we carry a range of silver plate epergnes or centerpieces. These ornate and florid works of art are designed to go in the centre of a dining table as part of the dining arrangement and to serve condiments, sauces, exotic nuts, small food items or perhaps in a purely decorative function to showcase a floral arrangement. They will certainly add a certain oomph to any dinner party – and also look great at other times just as decorative pieces.

Victorian Silver Plate Epergen Centrepiece Gilt Swan Dish Bowl-1418773831-zoom-10

slot into the corresponding numbered hole on the centerpiece. An extra nice touch are the mirrored trays that these will come on – so you can admire them from every angle in the reflection in the glass.

Sheffield Silver Plate Epergne Centrepiece Glass Stand Dish Bowl-1395810949-zoom-63


(Above – note the mirrored tray so you can enjoy views of this epergne from all angles)

Working out of Sheffield – a city in the North of England – famous for steel on an industrial level and silver plate on a smaller scale, is where many of the silver plate techniques were first developed and mastered. The Elkington technique of electroplating surfaces also developed in England, specifically out of Birmingham in the Midlands.  George Richards Elkington worked in the science of electrometallurgy and took out various patents of his system of finishing objects in silver plate. Of course with aristocratic patrons this soon took off resulting in the plethora of designs and styles made.



(Above – chips and salsa night suddenly got more upmarket)

Famous silver smiths working out of England in the 1800s include Matthew Boulton (working in a largely neoclassical style) and Thomas Pitt who was based in London. We have a range of silver plate epergnes so hopefully you can find one to suit your needs and tastes. Nothing beats a serving lovely sauces from these works of art during a high end dinner party and they really add some style to the occasion.

Please check out our video below showing how these look in their element – on a large walnut Victorian dining table all we need are some guests and fine wine: